Cherry Popsicles

The gist of it all.

What is this site about?

Well, as the front page says, I've been cooking for around 50 years starting at my mother's knee. I discovered I actually love cooking and feeding people.

I realized that much of my Facebook account was about meals and recipes and experiments I was doing and wanted a way to save them since such things usually get lost in Facebookland. This is about cooking and not being afraid to try new things. I may also ramble a bit about opinions, but they will always be about cooking or food or hospitality or something. Until it isn't at least. 

I hope you enjoy this and are inspired to try some of the things I post. Not everything will be my original recipe and I will make sure to give the real author proper credit or links. I'm not the world's greatest cook, I'm just a grouchy guy who likes to play in the kitchen.