Rib Experiment

Many people think the best way to cook ribs is either long slow smoke or covered in the oven. I tried two new ways today.

The spice rubs

The spice rubs I used. One rack of ribs got the sweeter rub with nothing else. Just a heavy coating of Meat Church’s Honey Hog BBQ spice mix.
The other rack was smeared with mustard then liberally coated with Hey Grill Hey BBQ Rib Rub.

The seasoned racks ready to go have a time out in the fridge for a couple of hours.

At first I wanted to rotisserie both racks but discovered my spit is too small for that. So the savory rack went on the Kettle rotisserie with two baskets of coals and a water filled drip catch pan. The grill was covered and rotisserie motor turned on. Temp was set for a medium heat.

The second rack I decided to cook on the gas grill. I heated the grill with all burners on high until it was hot. Then turned them almost to the lowest setting and placed the rack on the higher grill shelf. A water filled drip catch pan placed underneath.

After about an hour and a half I tested the ribs and they were the correct temp and felt soft enough. Took them off and let them sit for 20 minutes then sliced. They came out looking pretty good.

Final result, both spice rubs were pretty identical in the long run. One was slightly sweeter but both good. The texture was just the way I like it. There was a bit of chew on the meat but it was tender. I don’t like ribs whent they are falling off the bone, they are too soft and overcooked in my mind. They should leave a clean bite like this.
Overall happy with the result and shows you can cook ribs on the grill and they come out just as good as a rotisserie or smoker.